File Extension 2

The file extension .2 is an obscure one associated with at least seven different programs. Of the seven reported to use the extension, four have been verified, the other three have not.


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They are listed below beginning with the verified associations and their details. The unverified associations follow with any details that have been reported.

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More Info Regarding File Extension 2

1. IBM VoiceType Software. This software package was a voice recognition application written for Windows 95 and OS/2. It was primarily used to allow a computer user to control his computer through voice commands when used in conjunction with a specialized voice capable sound card. IBM VoiceType did not have a talk-and-type feature, thus no files were saved by the user. The file extension was used only for data files needed by the software, and these files have no useful purpose outside of this application. The software has long been out of production and there's no known way to open these files or convert them to another format.

2. Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002. This Ubisoft game was intended for the Game Boy Advance and released prior to the opening of the Salt Lake Winter Games. The .2 extension was given to the music files used in the game. No verified method of opening these files externally has been released to date.

3. Setup Factory. A program used by software creators to simplify the process of creating a standard .exe, Setup Factory uses the .2 file extension for files related to its operation. The software author creates his own files and puts them together into a Windows executable file. He does not create or use any .2 files himself. As with the previous two formats, the .2 file has no useful purpose outside of Setup Factory and cannot be opened externally.

4. Screen log file. The GNU Project developed this terminal screen utility (aka GNU Screen) as a tool to run multiple applications or processes in text mode, separating each one with its own virtual screen. The program utilizes the .2 file extension for its standard log files. Since Screen is for Unix and Unix-like operating systems, the log files are plain text and should be accessible with any standard text editor. It is possible that errors could occur in the display of certain characters, but these errors should not render the text unreadable.

5. Unix Manual Page. This unverified format was possibly used in conjunction with other single number extensions to denote the text of an unformatted page or pages within a Unix user manual. Since the stand alone Unix operating system does not have a graphical user interface (GUI), a simple command line text editor would be used to construct a user manual. This suggests the possibility of being able to open a Unix .2 file with a standard text editor, though display errors of various characters may occur if the text editor has a false interpretation of the data.

6. Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Also known as the SNES, this console game system was one of the top performers when released in the early 1990s. Although not verified, it has been reported that ROM images for the SNES were named with the .2 file extension. The console and its games are no longer supported by Nintendo, but game collectors still thrive around the world. There are several PC and console platforms that support SNES emulation. These platforms are able to utilize the .2 SNES split ROM image. Emulators of the past and present include VSMC, Snes9x and ZSNES. Some of the console platforms purported to have SNES emulation support are PSP, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo's Virtual Console, Wii, and various individual PDAs. As with any emulation, utilization of the .2 ROM image and acceptable performance may or may not be up to par.

7. Web Outfitter Service. It is thought that the .2 extension is an older extension once used by Intel's Web Outfitter Service. This service made it possible for subscribers to capture, manipulate, create, and send images. In what capacity the .2 file extension was used by Web Outfitter is unknown. It is assumed that the specific program associated with it is no longer supported.

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